Why select ITconnectancy?

"We setup change programs with a human approach”

We have large experience and knowledge of the use of many different IT solutions aimed to reach (strategic) goals, leading to better control information and a lower TCO, by using a thorough roadmap for implementation of the correct tools.

For the implementation we often use the MARD principle: Monitoring, Alerting, Reporting and Dashboarding. For this we select available sources and integrate the data as much as possible resulting in a single dashboard, displaying the calibrated data/information for the target audience.

We challenge new and existing customers, to create business value from the business processes or the IT-processes. Most of our customers are active in the health sector, finance, public and local government institutions. We also advise several managed service providers and infrastructure providers.

We are a group of enthusiastic professionals working together with the same mindset and attitude, increasing each other’s strengths. We can run projects worldwide by formalized cooperation with business partners in Europe and the UK.

Our evidence based track records of our projects and references are available in consultation.