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“If the world outside changes faster than inside, there is work to be done.”

“Aligning the intrinsically motivated people is your capital”

About us

In cooperation with several IT Professionals, we support IP Operations improvement processes as an enabler for IT Innovation. For this we use our extensive knowledge, experience and mindset. Automation of business processes usually has impact on more than one department, different approaches and several tools. This is usually the bottleneck for organizations, because of the lack of an umbrella layer directing the whole, the orchestration. An important factor is having the correct control information at the right time for the right stakeholder available. And, equally important, a good cooperation and a clear and supported IT-vision, by all employees within the organization. From a holistic view, we help the organization to get more grip on the control information and the implementation of a good governance model. Not only important for the IT-organization, but also for the compliance officers, privacy officers and security officers. This we document in a realistic roadmap. In addition we unburden the organization at the implementation.

This results almost always in cost reduction for the IT-Operations by many types of tooling being used more efficiently (IT-health checks), being integrated and/or phased out.

The change to “chain thinking” usually results in a better internal cooperation.

For these processes and projects we have a pool of trusted IT-advisors, IT-architects, IT-security specialists, project managers, Process- and Governance-consultants and data science-specialists.

Operational, perform

Support and/or execution of project management and (technical) implementation of different software solutions, resulting in better control information for the IT-operations. We use the “teach-the-teacher” principle, eliminating ourselves in the end by structuredly transferring our knowledge and experience.

Tactical, structure

Giving advice and consultancy on simplifying IT-Operations, service integration and systems integration by delivering a high-level design.

Strategic, aim

Supporting IT innovations, using the information service/supply point of view.

Why select ITconnectancy?

"We setup change programs with a human approach”

Our mindset

"Synchronizing self-motivated people is your capital"

We use our innovative knowledge and skills with human skills. We look at results not only for the organization and IT-solutions, but also at its effects on the employees. The self-motivation of everyone is the most important success factor in the long run. We point out the self-empowerment of everyone to be and remain of value for the company.

Our Customers

In the health sector: several hospitals, financial institutions, in the education sector: several universities, ICT-companies, Managed Service Providers, government institutions like several municipalities, companies in the food and tech industry, retail companies.


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